PCL recovery

Hopefully when this shapes up into something, it will help other people going through a similar surgery... not much out there on PCL's, and I think there should be.

Monday, February 28, 2011


My PT put me through my paces in what may have been my final appointment. My hamstrings are aching now. I'm exhausted too. He decided it was pointless to stretch my hamstrings since when he raised my leg, it went almost to my head, and I barely felt it. My leg feels more solid, when he did the strength testing, the only part that was still weak is my hamstrings, but that's to be expected since I just started working on my hamstrings a couple weeks ago. But my quads, abductors, adductors, etc. were all 4+/5. Quite a big difference from where I started. My ROM is awesome after I get warmed up. He had me bend my legs to compare sides, and the other therapist who was working with a different patient goes "It doesn't look like you have a bad leg anymore. When did that happen?" So I'm happy with the progress. I feel lucky that my recovery has been pretty uneventful, and relatively easy. I had heard such terrible horror stories before I had the surgery, I was afraid that I would be still on crutches after 6 months, but I think I had the right combination of amazing surgeon, awesome therapists, and luck on my side.

If you gotta be something...be unique
When I asked my therapist about the PCL vs. ACL, he said that he has treated about 100 ACL post ops, and I am his third PCL post op patient. Quite a difference. I guess my therapist didn't have much experience with PCL's, but he's a very smart guy and knew what to do and what not to do. He graduated about 8 years ago, so in that time, I am his third PCL.

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