PCL recovery

Hopefully when this shapes up into something, it will help other people going through a similar surgery... not much out there on PCL's, and I think there should be.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Out on my own

Even though I've only just been released from PT, it feels odd to be on my own. It's almost like going to PT was a safety net. If I was worried about my knee, I could always have him look at it and reassure me that it's nothing wrong. Now, I'm on my own. Now, every little bump and crack makes me nervous. I know it's silly, but it just does. So what exercises do I do at home on my own?

  • straight leg raises on my back, my side, and my stomach
  • ham curls
  • lunges with weights
  • squats with weights
  • leg presses with resistance bands
  • leg extensions with the resistance band tied around a pole
  • straightening my knee with the resistance band wrapped around my knee and a pole
I am really happy I had the surgery done, I think it was the right decision. I'm still not 100%, and wont' be for some time yet. But, it's getting there. When I start my residency, I shouldn't have any problems running around the hospital. The scars are fading, the swelling is gone. My gait is normal, I can go up and down stairs. I still get pretty stiff, especially in the mornings, or when I'm sitting for a while, and the while I can get to full flexion, the last few degrees are still not very comfortable. But at least it's not painful like it used to be. 

And just for a visual, here's a picture of my knee that I took the other day. It's looking relatively normal. 

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