PCL recovery

Hopefully when this shapes up into something, it will help other people going through a similar surgery... not much out there on PCL's, and I think there should be.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My foot did something strange

So my foot did something strange last night while watching a movie. I was lying on the couch, and just trying to bend my knee as much as I could, and then all of a sudden, my foot felt something that was a bit soft but harder than the couch cushions. Yep, my foot touched my butt yesterday! My housemate didn't realize what all my excitement was about, he thought I got way too into the movie we were watching. When I explained that I hadn't been able to bend my knee like that in 4 months, he still didn't get it. Then again, we're only living together for this month while we're rotating at the same hospital. It was too late to call anybody, so I took my excitement to bed. This morning, it just didn't feel nearly as cool, especially because when I woke up and tried it again, I couldn't do it. I need to be warmed up to get it to bend that far. But eventually, it will come back. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that I could only get to 90 degrees with my therapist pushing hard, and then all of a sudden, I got to 90 myself, and then when trying to get to 120, it was the same thing, I could only get it if my therapist pushed hard, and then I got it myself and without needing a warm up. So soon, I'll get there.

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  1. Great blog! You responded to my post on KneeGuru and I appreciated it.

    I have a torn PCL, grade 2. I'm in rehab from my ACL/Postlatero corner reconstruction, so my quads aren't quite there yet. I'm just hoping I can play some soccer in a few months...not sure. Best wishes on your full recovery.

    Here's a few blog posts I did on my knee situation, start at this one, then click the "knee rehab" label for the follow up posts. Some gnarly dislocation pics: